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January 2017

A Christmas Post-Mortem: Tips to Make Next Year’s Yuletide a Lot More Enjoyable

For friends who have moved over the past year, tear return address labels off the corner of received greeting card envelopes and tape them into alphabetical sections of an address book. This will preclude a frantic hunt next year for addressed envelopes that were stuffed into cluttered desk drawers.

December 2016

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

Dollar Sense

Right Out of the Mouths of Burglars: What Makes Your Home a Good Target or Not

We love to park our big beautiful Christmas trees in front of the bay window and open the curtains. That’s great. But displaying gifts in the window is different. Some thieves will break in even for small gifts. But putting large gift boxes in sight is like painting a bulls-eye on your house.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

No there’s nothing wrong with becoming close to someone. I understand that you might be feeling sensitive because he was married to your sister but sadly, she is no longer with you and it has been a respectful amount of time since she passed. You are both human and in need of comfort and companionship.

Leslie Goes Boom

Five Steps to a Happy Life

He frowned at me and told me that life is too short not to be happy. He said that “satisfied” wasn’t enough. He said that if I wasn’t happy, I needed to go find what made me happy and do it. I listened to him. I made some changes in my life, and ever since that time, I’ve been happy.

Life Now

Expand Your Life by Opening Up to Others

Do we notice our reactions as we meet new people? How do we feel about people who are open and honest? Are we willing to be open and honest? Learning how to communicate on a deep level takes practice.


Come Join the Band

The first Prime Time Band, organized by local music educators and musical business owners, began in 1995 with 30 participants. Half of these had never before played an instrument.

Many are still in the band over 20 years later. I was approaching a decade birthday, and had been experimenting with new things all year. I agreed to take a few months of lessons and then contact him.

November 2016

Enjoy Your Holidays, but Keep Your Eyes Open for Signs of Elder Abuse

The scammers who can do the most damage, financially and emotionally, are the ones who target lonely seniors and “befriend” them. The senior trusts the scammer and feels he or she can help. That’s when the money begins to slip out of Aunt Irma’s bank account and is gone forever.


Potpourri: Stuff You Need to Know to Stay Safe While Traveling and at Home

When you rent a “connected car” that has hands-free calls and texting, web browsing, streaming music, you give the car your personal information. Of course when you return the car, you may not think about it, but that information stays in the car. And the next person to rent the car, or employees of the rental company or anonymous hackers may all be easily able to tap your information.

Tunnel Visions

The Advantages of Procrastination – How It’s Helpful, Fulfilling, Stress-reducing, Especially During the Holidays

Physical chores are especially suitable for procrastination, since I don’t enjoy doing them. Perhaps you, like me, have put off making a bed. By night time, I don’t care if the covers are smooth and the pillows plumped. I simply fall into it.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Too Many Cooks

Inform your spoiled brat husband that it is a big deal to be undermined in your own home and ask that he support your wishes or he’ll be welcome to put his foot, laundry and all other possessions back down at his mother’s house.


Tires Grow Old Too!

Heavily loaded tires stored outdoors in sunny, hot climates and only driven occasionally see the most severe service conditions and potentially have the shortest calendar lifespan. Motorhomes are a good example. Lightly loaded tires on vehicles parked in garages and driven daily in moderate climates can have the longest life.

October 2016

Holiday Shopping Season is Near: Here are Gift Ideas for the Person Who Loses Things

Suppose the item you lose is your phone or tracker. Tap one of the items you have attached a tracker to and it will cause the phone or tablet to ring, even if you’ve set it on silent mode.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

You Reap What You Sow

We all have grandchildren, comfortable homes and happy lives and we enjoy talking about them. We get together to share our crafts and have a little social outing, not to be an audience for this windbag. She is ruining it for everyone.

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