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December 2015
The Midnight Gardener

Holiday Flowers Brighten People and the Room

Stand tapers in a variety of sizes in crystal candlesticks, and add crystal vases or bowls full of flowers arranged on a sideboard or entry hall table. Then, multiply the luminous beauty of the candles, flowers and crystal by placing a mirror behind your arrangement. Dazzling.

Deal Me In

Doubling as James Bond for $5 a Pop

The casino holds an edge against your play no matter if you bet on the Bank or the Player hand, so any notion of “interminable winning” is illusory. It’s more like you will lose less money playing Mini-Baccarat than playing almost any other casino game.


Are Your Windshield Wipers Ready For Wet Weather?

If you make it a habit to inspect and replace wiper blades on a nice day or in your garage, you won't wind up doing it outside, on a cold, rainy night.

St. Claire
Rainbow Kitchen

Gifts, Gadgets and Good Stuff for Your Kitchen

But even if you’re able bodied and nimble fingered, I’ve recently found three reasonably priced, easy to use and really helpful for however much time you spend in your kitchen.

November 2015

An Interesting Way to Honor America’s Fallen Veterans

In the two years he’s been doing it, he says he’s never been turned away. In that time, he estimates he’s cleaned up about 250 stones. “I may be trespassing, but it’s a good kind of trespassing. And I’ll take that all day. If they can put their lives on the line to fight for our country, this is the least that I can do.”

Dollar Sense

Apps to Make Life Easier and Apps for Fun – and for Great Gifts

For someone who has mobility problems, and who uses a Smartphone or an iPad, apps can be very helpful. Some are practical, some are protective, and some are just for fun. Regardless, they make great, low-cost gifts.

Dollar Sense

Need a Great Employee? Hire a Veteran, Young or Old

You may be a veteran, looking for a good job, but you’re past the age where you want to do the physical labor. I have a friend in his mid-70s with a history of heart problems, who is a mechanical engineer in the HVAC industry. He still does some of physical work, but mostly he handles paperwork and serves as an outstanding adviser and mentor to the younger guys.


Thanksgiving Idea That will Capture Your History and Your Heart

Suppose the youngsters in your family (or you) don’t know how to initiate an interview or what to ask. It’s not hard, and actually most people seem to be good at it, says Isay. Writing… now that’s hard for many of us. But talking is doable.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Boris Karloff in the 1950 Macy’s Parade

At the end of the parade route, Santa Claus, and parade marshal Jimmy Durante and Hopalong Cassidy and Boris Karloff extended their holiday greetings to the crowd in front of Macy’s. Perhaps that was the moment Karloff entered the pantheon of giants in the world of children, standing shoulder to shoulder with Hoppy and Santa, in front of a store with an enormous toy department.

The Midnight Gardener

Start the Small Spring Bulbs Now

One of the few bulbs completely at home in partial shade, it is a great choice for planting under trees and shrubs.  Puschkinia's bell-shaped flowers will multiply freely, filling small flower beds in just a few short years.  The unique bluish-white color makes it a lovely addition to just about any garden setting.

October 2015

Stay Safe While the Trick or Treaters Are Out for Fun

Keep your porch light on, as well as interior lights. Even if you’ve run out of candy or are tired of answering the door, keep the porch light on for safety.

Passport Perspectives

Tips to Find Your Best Retirement Location

Nothing replaces going to the location of your choice and seeing firsthand if it will work for you. If at all possible, rent an apartment or home in these locations for several months, hopefully several seasons, before you shell out money to purchase.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Jane Withers in "Paddy O'Day"

Shirley’s talent was prodigious, and she was a hard act to follow. But Jane Withers had a better singing voice, was just as fine a dancer, could mimic and do accents where Shirley did not, and most especially, despite bursts of mugging, had a larger acting range and a quality of being “in the moment.”

The Midnight Gardener

Who Doesn’t Love a Mum?

With nearly a dozen flower forms to choose from, you can grow mums that look like pastel daisies, or fluffy quilled zinnias, or refined dahlias, or maybe the large, fancy ones with in-curving petals called "football" mums.

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