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April 2017
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Where Has Love Gone?

Women often feel that it’s the man’s obligation to do all the romancing … but why? Have you returned to the slip of a gal your husband fell in love with? Or have you reluctantly sat on the sidelines judging his attempts to win you back?

The Midnight Gardener


Seed companies offer combinations for different seasons, colors and flavors, as well as gourmet, fashionable, antique, tangy, tender, and sweet mixtures. Or, create your own mesclun mix using greens that are suitable for “cut and come again” harvesting. The best part is that they are easy and inexpensive to grow.


Don't Get Locked Out of Your Car

These fobs not only let you secure and unlock your vehicle without using a key, they also let you start the engine remotely, set the driver seat to your desired preferences, pre-cool or pre-heat the interior before your trip, and more.

* * * * *

Just like the habit of putting on your seatbelt every time you enter your vehicle, get into the habit of checking for your keys every time you exit the vehicle.   

March 2017
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Old Dogs, Old Tricks

It’s never a good idea to fight manipulation with manipulation. If you’ve invested 30 years in the partnership, there must be something worth salvaging. Nevertheless, while I agree, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I'm also a firm believer that you should never tease an old dog – because they might have one bite left!

Lawrenzi, Jr.

How to Beat Bullies

If my grandson Harrison, who is nine, ever comes to me with a problem of being bullied, I am going to give him the same advice my two younger brothers and I followed, and that my son adhered to on that fateful day in Phoenix.

The Midnight Gardener

Tomatoes: Grow with Care, Enjoy with Gusto

Start tomato seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost. Three keys to successful indoor seed starting are light, seed starting mix, and water. A south-facing window or grow lights are perfect for starting tomato seeds.


Signs of America’s Greatness

What these signs had in common was the recognition that we’re in a new era of fighting for democracy. As older citizens, we not only have the perspective but a bit more time (in theory!) to act. We need to support one another in protecting all the values of a democratic society.


10 Tips for Decluttering Your Mind

Negative situations and thoughts from our past can stick with us like Velcro. We keep a large cabinet of mental drawers filled with mistakes, missed opportunities, fears, expectations, hurts and worries. It has yet to be proven that worrying and focusing on the past does anything but distract us from the positive, and deplete our energy.

February 2017
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Love Thy Neighbor

Evidently, my neighbor knows the magic word that causes this selfish husband of mine to turn into Mr. Helpful. When I confronted him about it he couldn’t even muster up enough consideration to come up with a decent excuse. He dismissively said that he didn’t think I ever needed help.

Passport Perspectives

3 Lessons on Retirement

We often negotiate with a hotel for a monthly rate and enjoy great discounts. This allows us to stay in foreign countries at a reasonable price and still have all the amenities that hotels offer: maid service, cable TV, WiFi, and convenient locations.

The Midnight Gardener

Looking Forward to Spring – Asian and European Vegetables

Don't forget to grow one or two of the incredible melons from Europe or Asia for dessert. Large or small, round or oval, red, orange or white-fleshed, these melons will make you forget those tasteless store-bought cantaloupes.

January 2017
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Hair-raising Nonsense

Did you seriously think you were this stylist’s only client? Did you really think his flattery was anything other than good self-promotion? You most definitely are being silly!  Return, enjoy your appointments, complete with flattery, fussing and hug until you find a better salon. This is a business to make money, not a dating service.


A Christmas Post-Mortem: Tips to Make Next Year’s Yuletide a Lot More Enjoyable

For friends who have moved over the past year, tear return address labels off the corner of received greeting card envelopes and tape them into alphabetical sections of an address book. This will preclude a frantic hunt next year for addressed envelopes that were stuffed into cluttered desk drawers.

December 2016

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs

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