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August 2016
Deal Me In

Quick Draw McGraw: ‘I’ll do the thinnin’ around here – and don’t you forget it!’

What is working against her and her Quick Draw McGraw speed is the total amount she is wagering, especially against any machine that carries a high house edge – which, by the way, is all of them.

July 2016

Summer Potpourri

Some of the ads went farther, claiming the programs are clinically proven to help improve the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, as well as conditions that affect younger people. Some of their ads using wording such as, “our results are clinically proven, scientifically measurable and permanent.” The Federal Trade Commission now says these claims are unproven and not based on solid science.

Gray Matter

The Ten Commandments of Grocery Store Shopping We Wish Everyone Would Follow

Thou shalt respect personal space at the register...  If you continue to breathe on me, I will pretend to go through my pockets looking for my debit card for an extraordinary amount of time and will begin to ask the cashier about her cats.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Gas Rationing in World War II-era Movies

As noted in Life magazine of August 27, 1945, the end of rationing received as much joyful hysteria across the nation as did the end of the war.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Witness Protection Program

Perhaps she’s lonely. Maybe she’s used to full-time activities or large gatherings and has moved away from the throng and misses the connection such events gave her. It also sounds as though she might be trying to engage the neighbors in similar camaraderie.

Deal Me In

Are Players Falling in Love with this Machine, Or Is this Just a Passing Attraction?

Some players actually respond to the looks and personalities of these virtual dealers. It is one thing to have an affection for a machine that offers a decent return, another when players develop a love interest in an avatar. There's "into you," and then there is "head-over-heels gaga." I have seen female Table Master virtual dealers tip a man over that edge.

June 2016
Silver Screen, Golden Years

Clifton Webb in Stars and Stripes Forever

In real life, he was a renaissance man composer of scores of songs, operettas, even wrote novels and articles. In the movie, he wants to play his romantic ballads, but the public prefers his marches.


Finding the Right Retirement Community

You could also compare today's retirement communities to college campuses for seniors. They usually have an exercise room, a game room and an abundance of free weekly classes that teach everything from crafts to foreign languages, meditation, and how to write short stories and memoirs.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Episodic Anguish

Instead of seeing this as an awkward situation, perhaps you should recognize that your husband actually relishes in the election year hullabaloo. Maybe he feels vibrant only when he’s engaged in intelligent dialogue with people he’d otherwise not have motivation to talk to.

The Midnight Gardener

Organic Weed Control

A solution of a quart of vinegar, two tablespoons of salt and a teaspoon of dish soap sprayed or poured onto thin weeds will kill them within a few days. This solution will also harm any plant it touches, and can make the surrounding soil toxic, so use it only in extreme situations, or on weeds growing in between pavers or through decorative gravel.

Deal Me In

Betting Patterns Won’t Change Casino Advantage

As for playing against shuffle machines, consider me not a fan. My beef against a continuous shuffler is that they invariably favor the house because more hands are dealt per hour when the dealer does not have to stop and shuffle the cards. From the casino’s perspective, time is money.

Life Now

Get it Fixed

If an item does not find utilization during a designated interim by necessity, banishment is essential. This technique gets rid of a lot of clutter. If one doesn't delete it, someone else will be required to toss it. Is it worth passing on to someone?

May 2016
Dollar Sense

Buried in Old Paperwork? Got the Urge to Purge but Afraid to Get Rid of Documents?

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) statements. The IRS requires that you keep this documentation while you have money in the accounts. Even after you close the accounts, keep for the statute of limitations on the relevant tax returns.

* * *

Real estate records. Keep all records related to property you own –like costs to improve, insurance claims, refinancing documents, etc. – until at least three years after you sell the property and have reported the sale or disposition on your tax return.


The Annual Dilemma… What Will You Buy Mom for Mother’s Day?

Reading a book on an electronic device lets the reader adjust the font, the brightness and the contrast, making reading more comfortable. Many also come with audio for those who can no longer read.

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