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May 2016

Repurpose, Restore, Revive!

Can you imagine coming home from a night out, maybe a little tipsy, to find that your living room had been redecorated and your furniture moved all around, sometimes to other rooms, by your 15-year-old babysitter?

The Midnight Gardener

Non-Organic Weed Controls: Use Them Safely

Controlling weeds with chemicals can be considered a last resort, but it doesn't have to be. Judicious use of chemical herbicides (plant killers) can be very useful to the home gardener, even in the vegetable garden around edible plants.

Deal Me In

Can a Computer Beat a Game That Is Built on Lost Bets?

If players were to use any external device like a hand-held computer to assist them in beating the game of roulette and happened to be caught, it would probably lead to room, food and beverage as a ward of the state for no less than a minimum two-year stay.

Financial Fortitude

Pricing and Timing Deals

I’ve heard there are some downsides to aging, including what’s at the end of it. For now, I don’t mind morphing into a little old lady, as long as I can be savvy about making life livable.

April 2016

How to Keep Your Car Safe from Theft and Burglary: Tips from a Reformed Criminal

Another deterrent is a blinking light on the dashboard that signifies a car alarm. You can buy a fake light that doesn’t even connect to an alarm. And runs on little battery. A quick check of showed you can buy one for under $9. Thieves know they might be fake, but it’s not worth the risk.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Love a Little, Laugh a Lot

Casanova’s note aside, are you sure he never spoke to you this way? What made you fall in love with him, then? You are unfairly comparing a young, new tryst to a long-standing comfortable marriage that’s showing signs of wear and tear.

Passport Perspectives

Are You Afraid of Retirement?

Changing your life from one of being focused on work duties, raising a family, paying bills, and receiving that dependable paycheck every week to one of the virtually unknown has its own set of stresses. You're being dishonest if you say it's not a big leap mentally, emotionally, or financially.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Random Harvest – Chivalry Is Not Dead, but Identity Is Lost

There is a third element, though, which makes the plot twist intriguing, and that is the selfless and honorable attitude which the characters played by Greer Garson and Ronald Colman undertake out of their respect for each other. The improbability of such a film being made today makes this movie irresistible to its fans.

Deal Me In

Prune the Hedges from Your Crap Game

You can’t have it both ways. You cannot protect yourself “here” without being hurt “there.” Not only can a hedge betting system NOT beat a game like craps, but it also won’t even dent the house edge.

March 2016
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Back to the Future

The problem is that I don’t feel I can bring ladies back to my home any more as my sister considers my flirting “immoral and misleading” and I'm afraid she’s just downright rude to my guests.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Easter: Secular, Commercial, and Nostalgic

On the other hand, despite this drive to seek the future, there was a kind of fatigue after the horrors of war and a yearning to turn back the mind, if not the clock, to a happier time and place. That's generally called nostalgia, and it's usually mostly made up.

The Midnight Gardener

Sample New Vegetable Varieties

Candyland Red is the only AAS Award winning currant-type tomato. Currant tomatoes are smaller than cherry or grape tomatoes, about a half-inch in diameter. Hundreds of these sweet little gems form on the outside of the plant, making them easy to harvest.

Deal Me In

Rule #1: Please Check Your Firearms at the Door

I view the purpose of rules and upholding them, unquestionably to be for the betterment of the game. As a group, you first want to decide before play begins the stakes and the quitting time. As for the rubrics of the game, they should be printed and posted, especially in poker. Hey, we’re talking money being wagered here.

February 2016
Further Review

Some Series Better Viewed on a Binge

I'm also a fan of binge watching of a movie or a television series. It's easier to follow the narrative and to appreciate the nuances in acting and cinematography when you view a series all the way through on consecutive nights instead of weekly installments.

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