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April 2017
Phase Three

It's the Only Earth We've Got, So Protect It

Perhaps this is starting to sound like flashbacks to your old high school biology class, so it may be easier to remind ourselves of simpler daily issues such as the future of the world's food supply and what the production of energy does to our land, water, air and outer space and what our plans are for when the fuels run out.

February 2017

Who’s Taking Credit for the Credit Card?

I don’t exist, but I’m sent a credit card because I do – and have – existed. And it must be used to be active, yet it can’t be used until I become a new user!

December 2016
Add One More Day...

A Sign for All Time

I can recall confrontations and vociferous conversations with passersby that disapproved of us “dirty hippies” and our disobedience. Adults who had potentially lived through two world wars and the Great Depression, felt little sympathy for our energetic protests. To our elders then, we were spoiled and entitled brats that knew nothing of real hardships and unfairness!

October 2016
The Old Gal

Important Deportment

When the head chef returned to our table he was calm and collected and offering us a bottle of champagne, informing us that all our meals would be on the house (as opposed to on the guests) and that I should make sure I send them the bill for the dry cleaning. All was right with the world once more. Well, except for having to spend the rest of the evening digging wet food and leafy green things out of my cleavage.


Some Thoughts on Health Care Costs: Are We Paying More to Be Sicker than Ever?

To see this in action over time, just look at our 5 and 10 cent stores of a few years ago. They are now 99 cent stores. At this rate, in a few more years they will be 99 dollar stores! In reality, prices are not going up. It is actually the value of our dollar steadily going down.

January 2016

Duck! Another Cliché Is Coming

Which brings us to... YOLO? This has apparently been appropriated by Twitter philosophers as a term meaning You Only Live Once which gives them an excuse (as though they needed one) to do stupid things. If I Only Live Once, let me do so without ever hearing or seeing YOLO again!

The Old Gal

Life Unlimited

How spoiled have we become that, not only do we expect 8 for the price of 6, buy one get one free offers on everything from clothes to sofas, money back coupons and unlimited text, talk and translate on every communication device known to man, but now we can’t even slice our own bread?

July 2015

Bring Back Civics Classes!

A survey done in 2012 of American citizens found that one in three could not pass the civics portion of the immigrant naturalization test. However, 97% of immigrants applying for U.S. citizenship were able to pass the test.

June 2015

Hire a Philosopher!

There are many more success stories among humanities grads which show that the development of critical thinking skills can be far more useful than practical skills when it comes to getting ahead. Hence, advocates for the humanities prove that employment, money, and success can come regardless of the degree.

May 2015
The Old Gal

Fifty+ Shades of Meh …

Not only are the youths lost in this murky world of instant fame, low expectations and emotional laziness, but so are their parents! Unfortunately, today, most modern adults are too busy searching for the elixir of youth and too absorbed in their own fading appearances to focus on the obligation of raising their offspring responsibly.

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