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September 2017

Is It Really Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis of exclusion. That means it should not be diagnosed until all other possible causes have been evaluated and ruled out. Although research continues, today there is no accepted test or scan that can definitively diagnose this disease.

Dear Pharmacist

Your Skin Reveals Your True State of Health

If you are alcohol or nicotine-dependent, you will look older than you should, and have saggy skin because these lifestyle factors attack your collagen and elastin.  Drinking and smoking age you inside and out. 

Eat Right Now

Dreaded Chemo: Offer Love, Courage, Hope, and God's Food

My every cell squirmed uneasily when I heard a close friend, renewing himself in remission, tell me his doctor stated, "Eat anything you like" – ignoring our miraculous, built-in healing system's requirements for nutrients to endure and recover.

A Healthy Age

Healthy Eating Includes the Glutton

Feasting has ancient roots in sharing love. Feeling celebrated, included and treasured, nourishes people beyond calorie count and food pyramid.

A Healthy Age

Osteoporosis Treatment: Supplement or Standard Care?

By the way, if you detected conflicting opinions regarding strontium, get used to it. I found contradictory information within National Institutes of Health research when I looked into Fosamax/Evista.

A Healthy Age

The Only Side Effect of This Prescription is Benefit

The incidence of Alzheimer’s doubles every five years after 65, so that after 85 about half of us will have Alzheimer’s. None of us wants to be counted in that number.

August 2017
Add One More Day...

A Stroke of Luck

His Royal Highness, my better half, my groom of far too few years, had the audacity to suffer a massive stroke. Now, it’s not that I begrudge him a little R&R. If he’d wanted to slack off for the day, I’d have been fine with it.

* * * * *

I encourage everyone reading this to educate yourself on the symptoms of a stroke. Learn what to do and then do it, immediately.  Had I not recognized what was happening to him, I have been assured by the medical professionals that the effects would have been devastatingly worse, if not fatal. 

Dear Pharmacist

7 Genius Home Remedies for Bug Bites

So what do you do if you are stung or bitten by a nasty little critter? There are a host of remedies for insect attacks and other summer “owwies” that you can find at your local pharmacy, or in your kitchen.

Eat Right Now

Holy Hot Dog, Grill Man!

Yale University Prevention Research Center says diets high in processed meats preserved with nitrosamines compounds have also been linked to increased risk for diabetes, higher mortality, more cardiovascular disease.

A Healthy Age

Bones, Meds and Questions

I remember, however, my mom’s spine bending backward, and my impatient tone, saying, “Stand up straight, mother!” I wish I could take that back. She could not straighten up.

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