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March 2018

Coffee’s Mixed Reviews

Consuming caffeine within three to five hours of bedtime… diminishes the restorative effect of sleep, which starts a cycle of fatigue. People need higher doses of caffeine the next day to stay alert because the brain develops more adenosine receptors, compensating for those blocked by caffeine.


Floating on Air

I googled the term “floaters” and was surprised to see how many websites were devoted to this issue. It said the problem had something to do with a part of the eye called the vitreous humor. I could also use a vitreous sarcasm and a vitreous exaggerator to help me finish writing this column.

February 2018
A Healthy Age

Medication Errors Are Pervasive: What Can Be Done?

Blister packs reduce the chance a pharmacist will provide the wrong amount of medicine, and make it difficult for illegal operators to substitute bogus products. With blister packs, there is also a reduction in contamination risk.

Dear Pharmacist

5 Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure That Really (Really!) Work

This type of magnesium can get into the bloodstream and get across your blood brain barrier, is easily absorbed by the cells and has been proven to lower blood pressure and be stroke-preventative as well. Magnesium threonate is also great for helping promote good, healthy sleep and relaxation as well.


Hippocratic Oath

I recently had to see a specialist for a couple of issues. The appointment lasted approximately 45 seconds, which is how long it took him to completely ignore everything I told him. You’ve heard of speed dating? I think this was speed doctoring.


Heading for a Fall? Reduce the Chances with These Helpful Hints

The National Council on Aging lists falls as the leading cause of fatal injury and most common reason for hospital admissions for seniors, costing $31 billion in 2014. Besides physical injury, seniors lose confidence, are more reluctant to go out and become isolated.


Air Fare, Seniors Take Care

Short-term exposure to particulate matter, from traffic exhaust on a busy street, can cancel the positive effects of a two-hour stroll for older adults. In contrast, a walk in a leafy park environment improved seniors’ lung capacity significantly, a benefit which often lasted more than 24 hours.


Dizzy at our House? Climb in Bed with My Husband

A true believer, he proselytizes to our dizzy friends. Lately he whisked Judy, a positional vertigo sufferer, away from our book group. He took her downstairs to our bedroom, where he put her on our bed, and demonstrated the Brant-Daroff maneuver.

November 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Reality Check - Do B Vitamins Cause Cancer?

The dietary supplements taken were more than likely synthetic and/or not biologically active because that’s what’s sold in 99 percent of dietary supplements.

Eat Right Now

Back Away from the PB Jar!

Today, we live in an era of surfacing truths that reveal many of the “wholesome” foods we’ve grown to love, aren’t so wholesome. Most people eat too many omega 6s, which peanut butter is loaded with, and too few omega 3s which peanut butter lacks completely.

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