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June 2016
Dollar Sense

Avoid these Money-Stealing Scams

One way to verify the sender is to let your cursor hover over the website address. The genuine address for the Social Security Administration is: Thieves attempt to fool people by adding a character or two, hoping you won’t notice. For example, a fake website might look like this: ssa.gov2e.

Dollar Sense

Life Insurance: A Few Things You Need to Know

Under normal circumstances, a paid-up life insurance policy will at least help pay for your final expenses, and possibly much more. Depending on the type of policy, it may also help pay the costs of long-term care, should you need it.

Legal Ease

One of the Most Common Concerns: Disinheriting Children

You are not legally obligated to leave anything to this child or any child for that matter. However, in order to avoid him contesting your will by claiming that he was left off accidently, you need to specifically disinherit him in the will, or if you are creating a trust to distribute your assets, then in the trust.

May 2016
Dollar Sense

Potpourri: Several Ways Thieves Use Your Phone Against You and What to Do About It

Suppose the call says “press one to prevent future calls” or “text NO to opt out of future text.’” Don’t be fooled. If you follow their directions, you are confirming that your phone number is active and the problem will likely get much worse.

* * *

A thief wants your smartphone like he or she wants your wallet. And depending on what’s in your phone, it may be worth a great deal more, like your bank account and credit card logins. Thieves are hoping you have stored this information in your phone.

Legal Ease

What You Say Is What She’ll Get – But Not Necessarily What Either of You Wants

You need to make sure that she is added to the title as a joint tenant with rights of survivorship, and not as a tenant in common. If she is added to the title as a tenant in common, then each of you will be deemed to own an undivided one-half interest in the home, and upon your death your 50% interest would need to be probated prior to it being distributed to your daughter.

April 2016
Dollar Sense

Potpourri: Stuff You Need to Know to Protect Yourself and Your Money - Answers to Medicare Questions

After collecting an upfront fee, the asset recovery company files a dispute with the credit card company. They may also file a complaint with an agency such as the CFPB, that processes complaints at no charge. In other words, the asset recovery company charges a small fortune to do what the consumer could’ve done him or herself, for free.

Dollar Sense

What Are Your Chances of Needing Long-Term Care? And Then, How Will You Pay For It?

Adults who are 65 years old today have nearly a 70% chance of needed some type of long-term care (LTC) services and support in their remaining years. Men average 2.2 years in long-term care, while women spend an average of 3.7 years there. A full 20% of people who enter LTC will need it for five years or more.

Legal Ease

Tracking the Elusive Beneficiary

I don’t have much in the way of assets, but I do want what I have to go to my only child, my daughter, upon my death without going through probate. I know all about trusts and the advantages of setting up a trust, but that is not the direction I want to go in because I don’t think the assets I have justify the cost of setting up a trust.

Financial Fortitude

Whose Side Is Your Fiduciary Actually On?

This distinction becomes important when an advisor receives a commission for a product that is "suitable," but an alternative product (for which maybe she or he won't receive a commission) would have been a better choice for the client....Conflicted advice costs the public something like $8.5 to $33 billion annually, mostly from higher fees and sub-par returns.

March 2016
Dollar Sense

Lump Sum Pension Payouts: A Good Idea for You?

With the goal of making your money last another 20 years, you were getting a monthly pension check of $1,500. Then you took your money out in a lump sum. Still hoping for 20 years of payments, you might only get a monthly check of $1,213. Why?

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