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November 2017
Dollar Sense

Discounts and Other Perks for Our Veterans on Veterans Day

A lot of businesses take it upon themselves to give a nod to military personnel with a discount on Veterans Day and some, more often.

Dollar Sense

Shopping Online for the Holidays? Consumer Reports Offers Tips for Enhanced Security

Consumer Reports reminds us that if you use your debit card to pay for an online purchase and a data breach occurs, you may have just handed thieves the keys to the bank account that is tied to your debit card.

* * * * *

A mobile wallet such as Android Pay or Apple Pay is more secure than a card, because they use substitute numbers or tokens, rather than your real account numbers. Also, your smartphone adds protections of its own, such as a fingerprint reader.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Love in a Local Climate

One of the few complications of romance in our twilight years is the presence of defensive offspring. Adult children can be fiercely protective and deliberately obstructive – and nothing spoils a potential romance like a brood’s blockade.

Silver Screen, Golden Years


Younger viewers may think that Thanksgiving is all about the Pilgrims and turkey and cranberry sauce and all that, but modern Thanksgiving is also about commerce, in so far as it leads into the December holiday shopping season. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, still trying to jump start us out of the Depression, pushed Thanksgiving 1939 up a week, to the third Thursday of November.

The Midnight Gardener

So Many Tasty New Varieties for 2018

What is extremely fun about the award-winning fennel Antares plant is its many uses: as an edible bulb; for its ornamental fronds; as a seed producer; and as a favorite food of pollinators, namely swallowtail caterpillars.

October 2017

Tips to Avoid Scams and to Enjoy Halloween Safely

A YouTube video says something like: “Halloween, get this free!” But the video doesn’t lead to free candy to give to children. It leads you to enter personal information and your email address, which scammers then use to steal from you.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Change Is as Good as a Rest

I don’t want to get used to other people, a new house or a new neighborhood at my age. I don’t want to join senior groups or attend craft classes. I'm not unhappy here and I don’t feel that it’s fair I should be pressured into this just to put my children’s minds at ease.

* * * *

My first and biggest mistake was to ignore that we were no Ozzie and Harriet and never had been. In fact, I think we argued as we walked back down the aisle after just being pronounced man and wife. Far from harmonious rejuvenation, I ended up isolating Ralph and Alice Kramden in the woods somewhere with no witnesses.

Dear Pharmacist

8 Excellent Disaster Tips Plus a DIY First Aid Kit

Your dishwasher is waterproof so if floods are anticipated, store photo albums and documents inside the dishwasher. When the water recedes, they should be perfect.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Moon Over Miami – A Lingering Vacation

The movie presents a fantasy of what it might be like to leave your lousy job and travel to an exotic place where everybody is having fun. At that time, just before the war, most Americans never traveled even 50 miles from home, so one can imagine films were the closest a lot of folks came to a pleasure trip.

The Midnight Gardener

Decorate Your Home With Fall Flowers

Even Sigmund Freud observed, "Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts." Fresh flowers can rekindle our connection with nature. Their color, fragrance and visual appeal envelop the senses and replenish the spirit. Flowers are nature's little stress busters.

September 2017
Dollar Sense

A Pair of Current Scams that Specifically Target Seniors: What You Need to Know to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim

When you consider how many seniors are isolated from family members, if a thief could gain access to change a beneficiary, this type of theft might never be discovered at all. If you have any account, contact the company to ensure your beneficiary is as you intended.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Facing Facts

To some folk, it’s the gift wrapping, not the gift that matters! Continue to add to your scrapbook of life and enjoy the fact that you have something most people lack … an abundance of non-surgically enhanced self-worth and honor. 

Legal Ease

Is a Trust Still a Trust by any Other Name? Confusion Can Ensue

It can get a little confusing because these types of trusts go by many different names including revocable living trust, living trust, revocable trust and inter-vivos trust. Also, sometimes these types of trusts don’t use any of those names in the title other than the word “trust,” along with the name of the person who created it.


Six Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

If you are thinking of leaving on a road trip, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are six things you can do to make sure your trip is everything you want it to be.

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