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November 2017

What a Pain

Unlike a heart or kidney, you do not get someone else’s knee: it pretty much comes in a box like a pair of shoes from Amazon Prime. You just have to pray it’s going to fit. And there’s a lousy return policy.

October 2017

Keeping Safe and Healthy for the Holidays

Don’t hesitate to accept help offered by family members when it comes to caregiving duties or meal preparation. Accepting help can make the holidays better for everyone. If you’re “on duty” 24 hours a day and suddenly your great-niece offers to play cards with Grandpa while you take a nap… do it!

Phase Three

The Aging Process Isn't for Wimps

A friend once sent me an e-mail that included a statement, the source of which I do not know. It said: "Life is a gift. Unwrap it." In other words, try to live your life as fully and as well as you can. It's worth it, to you as well as your family and friends.

Eat Right Now

Do Seniors Need to Take Vitamins?

Real plant-food vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals activates your body’s inner healer. Man-made, artificially created nutrition your cells struggle to identify and use, do not.

A Healthy Age

Kicked Out but Stayed In

Older art students had “better health, fewer doctor visits, less medication usage, more positive responses on mental health measures and more involvement in overall activities…maintaining independence…reducing risk factors for long term care.”

A Healthy Age

Natural Sloth, Remade Svelte

Interruption in routine: Get sick? Surgery? Vacation? Bound to happen. Get back to your workouts. Restart gently.

A Healthy Age

Pardon, Repeat that Please

But some seniors have no problem with hearing! A University of Wisconsin School of Medicine’s study of 7000 participants, found one group with clinically significant hearing loss, and another with none. What’s the difference?

September 2017

Is It Really Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis of exclusion. That means it should not be diagnosed until all other possible causes have been evaluated and ruled out. Although research continues, today there is no accepted test or scan that can definitively diagnose this disease.

Dear Pharmacist

Your Skin Reveals Your True State of Health

If you are alcohol or nicotine-dependent, you will look older than you should, and have saggy skin because these lifestyle factors attack your collagen and elastin.  Drinking and smoking age you inside and out. 

Eat Right Now

Dreaded Chemo: Offer Love, Courage, Hope, and God's Food

My every cell squirmed uneasily when I heard a close friend, renewing himself in remission, tell me his doctor stated, "Eat anything you like" – ignoring our miraculous, built-in healing system's requirements for nutrients to endure and recover.

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