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November 2017
Ellen Scolnic

We're the Old People Now

We couldn’t resist telling the parents that when we bought our strollers in 1987 they cost $99 and didn’t come with GPS, seating for three and ultra-padded dashboards. We’re the old people now.


How to Handle Seasonal Depression

Don't others feel exhilaration and sadness during religious and cultural celebrations? Perhaps, instead of how-to-avoid we need positive reinforcement and reassurance that, at times, it's okay to experience temporary depression.

October 2017
Social Insecurity

How Did We Get from Summer of Love to Summer of Bifocals?

Some folks look back at that period of pot-smokin’, free-lovin’ hippies with disdain. But I’ve got to tell you, all that wild and crazy behavior sounds pretty darn good to me at certain times nowadays, like when I’m sitting in the hospital lobby waiting to get my colonoscopy.

September 2017
As I Recall...

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

It was like wanting to learn to mow the lawn; once I had accomplished that, I was hard to find when it came time to actually mow.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Drive-in Movie in the Age of Netflix

Between the two features, we got another ten-minute burst of a “Let’s all go to the lobby….” intermission with a cartoon family who gobbled refreshment stand goodies like goats eating the lawn, and large hot dogs and cups of soda coming to life and dancing for us. It would have been surreal, except that it was so comfortingly familiar and innocent. It was the kind of stupidity that didn’t make one angry; it made one smile.

Tunnel Visions

The Leaves of Brown Came Tumbling Down, And So Did the Branches

When I was a child of about eight, I thought everything had a life-force. Small animals, bugs, flowers, trees, perhaps even rocks and earth. I later learned this is called animism, the belief that all objects and creatures possess a spiritual essence, common in primitive cultures.

Social Insecurity

The Eternal Quest to Beat the Heat

Willis Carrier developed the air-conditioning process 115 years ago in 1902. The first home air-conditioning unit was 7 ft. high, 6 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long. Sort of like having a steam locomotive attached to your house.


Traveling in the Magical, Marvelous Station Wagon

My trips may be faster and more comfortable, but they’re infinitely less interesting than those treks across lonesome two-lanes and through small towns long vanished after being bypassed by four-lane freeways.

August 2017
Silver Screen, Golden Years

The Best Years of Our Lives

It is left to the minor characters of Butch and Al’s son, Rob, to introduce the post-war world for us by discussing the atom bomb. The central characters are too preoccupied with jobs, and fitting into their families and fitting into their clothes to care about the new geopolitical realities.

Vintage Vibes

Old Home Remedies

When my doctor said I needed to have a kidney stone surgically removed because it was too large to pass, I was not looking forward to the “passing” or to surgery so I eagerly listened when a member of a senior ladies Sunday school class whispered to me that she knew a cure for kidney stones.

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