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October 2015
Social Insecurity

Trick or Treats over the Years

When our three boys got old enough, we would sometimes host a Halloween party for their friends. One advantage to having three messy little boys was that we could provide a scary looking house of horrors without changing a thing.

Moving On

Kinfolk Competition

There we were, flying down Highway 65 South, several miles out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, at a breakneck speed trying to get to the church on time, when I glanced back to see if my dress was riding okay. Of course not! My pretty new dress was hanging on the tailgate!


Canaries and Barrettes

Sure, the gadget floor of nearby Macy's had wonder, but only for my mother. I preferred merely to place my feet on the wooden escalator strips and just ride. But Woolworth had underwear, perfume, school supplies, pets, embroidery material, curtains, knitting needles, buttons, toys, costumes, party goods....

September 2015
Lawrenzi, Jr.

That Ain't No Lady

The New York Post became famous overnight when it covered a murder story and ran the following headline, “Headless Body in Topless Bar.” And what historian could ever forget the wonderful miscue by the Chicago Daily Tribune in the 1948 presidential election, “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Levine's Levity

The Musically Vanishing `60s

My favorite song, that summer that make me feel almost 13, though, was “Sherry.” My fifth grade crush was a Sherry, so just like Frankie Valli, it was exciting to think of asking her to “come out tonight,” though what would happen after Sherry emerged from her split level, I never could imagine.

August 2015
The Old Gal

Modern Little Monster

If ever we felt our teen angst or adolescent traumas warranted a sulk, or we foolishly forgot to “keep in mind that we didn’t even buy our own underwear,” we were invited to choose which one of the household bills we’d like to start paying so as to be truly educated on the meaning of the word stress!

The Hippocratic Oaf

Healthcare and Baseball: Welcome to the Big Leagues

For baseball you simply left your house and went to the local field to play, and for healthcare you stayed in your house and the doctor came to you. Nowadays, for baseball you stay in your house and watch it on TV, and for healthcare you leave your house and go the hospital which sits on the field where you used to play baseball.

Levine's Levity

Opening Days

I had devoted energy to retirement savings, but I had not invested enough in retirement lifestyle planning. This fact scared me. Just like my adolescent self, I was not sure that I could cut it in the next life stage. I wanted to get back to first base as I did as a 17 year old.

July 2015

Elvis and Me

As teenage girls elbowed and pushed their way closer to their idol, Peggy Jo and I wriggled our skinny 10-year-old selves right up to the front of the throng. I was eye to eye with Elvis's black riding boots, and was much more impressed with Elvis's beautiful horse than with his ability to sing and wiggle his hips.

As I Recall...

Life After the Wars

Waste, no matter how small was not tolerated. Grandma was still boiling her coffee grounds twice in the ‘50s and scolding her grandchildren for not drinking all of their milk. “Waste causes want,” she would tell us.

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