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January 2019
Puttin' on the Gritz

Twisted Logic

I’m a grandmother so I know certain things. One of which is that the back seat of a vehicle is not a danger zone. The other thing this wise granny knows is that my grandkids stay awake at night thinking up sneaky tricks to play on me.

July 2018

Baby, Oh, Baby! I’m Clueless!

The vision of a mountain of old, used, disposable diapers that popped into my mind wasn’t an attractive one. However, I also had a flashback to my high school days when I used to babysit, and all diapers were made of cloth…and sat soaking in smelly diaper pails.


Old Granddad

Sure, babysitting assures that your grandchildren will address you as “gramps,” “papa” or “grandpa” instead of “who are you.” But this practice could take away time otherwise devoted to building birdhouses, or collecting both Bigfoot and carbon footprints.

The Midnight Gardener

Stinky and Still Delicious

There seems to be no in between with garlic – some folks, like vampires, wrinkle up their noses and back away. The rest of us adore the aroma and flavor.

June 2018
Lawrenzi, Jr.

Looking Cool after 65

Even when I covered the student riots in Watts or East Los Angeles, I was one of the best-dressed people on the scene. The Black Panthers and Brown Berets took time from burning flags or throwing rocks to admire my wardrobe.

The Midnight Gardener

Pick a Lovely Pepper

Pepper plants love hot weather and lots of sun. You don't need a large garden to grow peppers, and they make pretty centerpieces in containers surrounded by flowers trailing over the edge of the pot. Here are some delicious hot peppers to grow in the garden or in containers.

May 2018
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Tea for Two … or 7?

Very simply put, your daughter’s choice to have a large family is none of your business. The ONLY time you should interfere and offer your opinion without being asked for it is if your daughter is unable to care for her children, unable to care for herself or unable to think of further names!

Love Cook

Ejected from Comfort Zone and Into the Fray

Today’s teens learn about the dangers of texting in drivers’ ed classes. Bobby said it's the middle-aged driver who’s guilty. These multi-tasking midlife motorists are not only texting while driving, they’re eating breakfast and applying make-up!

Leslie Goes Boom

Top 18 Things To Live By

13. Use the fine china. Wear the good jewelry. You can’t take it with you.

14. Don’t wish away today assuming you’ll get to it when you’re old. If you want it, figure out how to do it now.


Put on a Dress, Damn It!

“My mother always said to wear nice underwear in case you are unlucky and get in an accident.” She’d grin and continue, “I say, wear pretty underwear in case you accidentally get lucky!”

April 2018

Back Pain is Back, But I Look Ahead

I am still racewalking, and one day while doing so, I started thinking that with persons living longer and healthier lives, you can frequently be sandwiched between care and concern for your children and care and concern for aging parents.

Walker Gendusa

Let the Joy of Spring into Your Closet and Spirit!

 Some women wear dowdy because someone somewhere told them they needed to dress according to their age. Some women believe they can wear cut-off blue jeans and a bikini top at 90. Some women need a brain and glasses.

The Midnight Gardener

Lift Your Spirits with Cut Flowers

When the flowers are ready for the vase, add two drops of bleach and one teaspoon of sugar to each quart of water to keep the flowers fresh and well-fed.


Spring Fashion Trends for Our Age

One woman asked, “Do you think it is appropriate for women our age not to dress their age?” “No,” was the resounding answer.

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