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April 2012
Agelessly Yours

If Not For Childhood Conditioning...

"For God's sake," he scoffed, "one of the poorest, most downtrodden human beings I ever met was a writer. Don't tell anybody you want to be that. You better have a backup plan, kid."


Cardboard and Canvas

Perhaps morality of the 1950s sent me a sub-conscious message: this glowing naked body was inappropriate to bring back to a place where death had so recently visited.


I Swam Across the Pacific in 1945

A plot soon hatched and one bold gunner relieved him of a choice bottle. After that, I learned a new word I heard the captain use rather heatedly: “Some s.o.b. (he didn’t abbreviate) has absconded with a bottle of my best whiskey!” I didn’t need to look up the meaning of “absconded,” as I was part of the plot.

July 2012
Inside Out and Round About

The Sounds of Freedom

It’s the best holiday of the year for some of us -- hot weather to enjoy, not like snow and cold on Xmas, nor rainy parades at Easter. The 4th of July is a time to get outdoors in the sun to celebrate, and not to sit in the living room or around a dying tree.


Yearning for the Past While Driving into the Future

My senility notwithstanding, one would have to agree that most of today's cars look to be cold techno toys, not unlike scary UFOs.

May 2012
Ernie's World

Led Zeppelin and the Elephant Seals

At the time of our requested departure by management there were a dozen or so people living there and the line between when one party ended and the next party started became a blur.

June 2012

The Language of Postage Stamps During World War II

The way you placed the stamp on the envelope told your guy or gal receiving the letter the secrets of your heart. Mothers, fathers and little sisters could take your letter to the corner mailbox without realizing the message right before their eyes.


Like a Penny

My father attempted to explain that a dime was equal to two nickels. I didn't believe him. My smooth-edged circles were larger and had more designs on them. No one could fool me; I was six and smart.


Awesome, But Don’t Garfunkel Your Dog

Ladies, if your slip was showing in 1955, someone might’ve told you that “your pinky’s out of jail.” Gentlemen, if you found yourself stuck with the family station wagon on prom night, you had to transport your date in a “tank,” but that might’ve increased your chances of playing a game of “backseat bingo.”


WW2: The Home Front

As a young child, I regarded none of this as a sacrifice, since it was the only way of life I knew. I sensed that our family and neighbors were taking part in some mysterious but worthy global effort, the causes and implications of which were beyond my understanding. But I found it rather exciting, and with the trust of childhood, I enthusiastically joined in and did my part.

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