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December 2012
Golden Ponderings

The Sock Monkey: Sharing Holidays Past

And then they disappeared, going the way of Gumby and Pokey, Mr. Bill and Mr. Potato Head. Yet there they were again in my gift catalogues —  the appealing little dolls in an assortment of colors and sizes, replicas embroidered onto cuddly lap blankets, and fashioned into scarves, winter hats and slippers.

Aid for Age

Remember Willie & Joe?

The cartoon that won Mauldin the Pulitzer in 1945 was captioned “Fresh-spirited American troops, flushed with victory…” The cartoon depicted wretched, drenched, mud-caked, unshaven infantrymen slogging through a downpour.

November 2012
Puttin' on the Gritz

Whistle A Happy Time

I am chatting with friends about homework assignments, the cute boy who just moved from Charleston, the new Revlon lipstick color, my hot pair of Weejuns and Friday's Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. We take turns talking and we flap our hands a lot.

October 2012
Inside Out and Round About

Past – Present – Future

Of course, you could follow the advice of Groucho Marx who had a long-running show of his own: “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Aid for Age

Calvin Coolidge, The Idealist

Coolidge was mocked by such notables as H.L. Mencken: Coolidge “slept more than any other president, whether by day or by night”, and Dorothy Parker, when she heard Coolidge had died, asked: “How could they tell?”


A Halloween Dress

Nevertheless, in its fifth decade it was yellowed with age. It became a dress-up costume when my daughter and her cousin discovered their mothers’ wedding gowns packed in brittle tissue in a
high box in my parents’ back bedroom.

September 2012

Two White Poodles and the Green-Haired Woman

She was the loudest, and the flashiest of Auntie’s customers. She was, in fact, the widow of the legendary Hank Williams.  She was by far the liveliest of Aunt M’s dignified customers, and one could always hear her before they could see her.

August 2012

Banking in Bygone Times

Besides the toaster, I received a passport size savings account book that showed exactly how much money I had in the bank’s huge vault. There was never an avalanche of mailed statements packed with aggressive advertising, and there wasn’t any Internet banking that’s vulnerable to cyber criminals.


Spaghetti Westerns Lured Favorite American Actors

The theme of Spaghetti Westerns often revolved around a soap opera of revenge, money, greed, pride, betrayal and violence, but always with a hero who has been wronged in some fashion and must set things straight by hook or by crook.


My Hero Harry Truman Set the Example for Politicians

He was a man, sometimes looked down on by Ivy League school graduates, and ignored by some Congressional leaders, yet history has proven this simple Midwesterner had more common sense and human sensitivity than his famous, polished contemporaries.

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