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We are, in fact, a bit slanted in our presentation of the news: our mission is to cull the facts for what's important as we age, and to go well beyond the sensationalistic headlines to explore what current events and actions actually mean for us.

Health Care Insurance
Millions will be denied coverage because of political and budgetary calculations by their state political leaders and lawmakers.

Changing Lifestyles
Baby boomers say there’s no way they’re “working till they drop.”

Medicare ‘Observation’
Beneficiaries placed under observation can’t qualify for nursing home coverage, even if your in the hospital for 3 days.

Long-Term Care Options
Most families don’t plan for long-term care because the need comes unexpectedly and costs are significant.


We sound off. Join in the conversation about what's right or wrong about the world we live in.

Milton Friedman's Philosophy
Friedman predicted as early as 1957 that Social Security depressed people’s savings because they would believe that Social Security would take care of them in old age.

Medicine Wars
Traditional medicine says I'll die if I stop taking my statin drug. Alternative medicine says I'm dying because I'm taking my statin drug.

I Love Women, But…
For the first time, women will be allowed to serve in the infantry and commando units. There has been a great deal of debate raising issues such as…

Onslaught of Advertising
My spirits are lifted when people dressed up as a cow, a hot dog, or Uncle Sam enthusiastically wave to me as I drive by.


We've rounded up the best of the best in current thinking and practice, complementary and alternative possibilities, and poignant personal experiences in dealing with life and health and living each day to its fullest.

Lyme Disease and Bartonella
There are 30 Bartonella-like species; you can get infected from cat bites/scratches, mites, fleas, mosquitoes, biting flies and ticks. Sadly, antibody blood tests only detect a few strains.

Men, Sex and Food
Were you aware the role food plays in a success rendezvous with your true love?

Walking for the Future
“You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She’s 97 today and we don’t know where the hell she is.”

Real Yawner
There was a time when yawning was considered a matter of life and death.


Our stable of knowledgeable, experienced writers, often working through their own personal financial decisions, share their wealth of advice, tips, background – and even humor to help us all handle our money better.

Mortgage Relief Scams
Thieves would have you believe they have no self-interest and thinking only of you, when in reality they have a great deal to gain and you have everything to lose. Here are some of the schemes the FTC has run across...

Legal Ease
Powers of Attorney are vital in case of disability but beware of the downsides too.

Dollar Sense
What you don’t know about Medicare Part D can cost you.

Tips from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help those who are having trouble keeping up with house payments.


Travel along with people who've been there, done that, and at their age enjoyed it immensely – and want you to share the experience, the views, the local flavors and customs and best things to see and do.

The Compulsive Traveler
Ten places not to miss in Pennsylvania.

Treasure Hunting in Piemonte
It's virtually impossible to leave Piemonte without gaining an appreciation of the importance of food and wine in the lives of its people, as well as a few extra pounds.

The Tenacious Traveler
A peek at life along the Amazon.

The adrenaline rush caused by a charging mountain gorilla in the wild will forever live in my memory, and maybe nightmares.

Advice &

From people who know, we offer you these pearls of wisdom.

Housing Options
Creating safe, homey, pleasant residences for seniors is a strong industry in the United States. Instead of waiting till the need is immediate, think over the possibilities while there is time.

Independence Day
Ten of the best 4th of July Celebrations.

Canes and Able
We can’t go back to our own days of no wrinkles and no Medicare cards we need to carry. But, if a cane is needed now for support, do it, and find one that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Grown adults from the U.S. and Canada find themselves shaking in their boots or even angry when it comes to bargaining for goods in foreign countries. Here are some tips to help overcome fears.


Whether you're reflecting on your own image, your life's experiences, your best or worst memories, or the world around you, this far-reaching section will take you on hundreds of fascinating journeys into our writers' thoughts and viewpoints.

Friendly Community
The following are critical characteristics seen as an age‑friendly livable community…

Heart of a Birthday
Many of us will not even be able to think of the Boston Marathon as a Good Thing anymore except as a tribute to...

Unsupported Evidence
“Bras provide no benefit to women and may actually be harmful over time...”

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, the Continental Congress adopted the United States flag, the Pledge of Allegiance received Congressional approval…


Love it? Hate it? Barely tolerate it? For those of us who grew up when almost nothing but a flashlight required a battery, and only Dick Tracy had a two-way wristwatch radio, we've suddenly had to accept that technology rules our world today.

Ask Mr. Modem
The Case of the Missing Recycle Bin

New Car vs. Old Brain
It's ironic. Now that we can afford a new luxury car, we're not smart enough to operate it.

Self-driving Cars
Sensors and computers can already do a better job in monitoring surroundings and provide faster reaction times compared to humans.

Ask Mr. Modem
Change Gmail Default Font and a Host of Other Hot Tips


Come join our trip down nostalgia's lane to the good old, bad old, or supremely indifferent days of our lives.

The Ice Man
The younger generations know only the luxury of walking to the refrigerator, pushing the “ice” button and ice drops into their glass. Boy, what did they miss?

Voices of the Past
Do you think our grandchildren will remember what our voices sounded like, much less what we told them? Would they believe our words were wisdom?

Nancy Reagan
I remember the time Nancy Reagan borrowed my towel to dry off her cold and wet body. It was an incident in my past that I always enjoy telling friends about.

A rumor swirled among the prisoners that the Japanese hoarded warehouses full of letters and packages intended for the American troops.


OK, want to get beyond the usual, corny, stereotypical aging jokes? Our writers will take you by the funny bone to lots more interesting, LOL (laughing out loud) places. Enjoy!

Nonstop Shoppers are Unstoppable
Naturally, I rent a truck every Saturday morning to collect the store-delivered items I ordered during the week.

Life Expectancy Watch
Runs faster when you're pounding down the egg nog and smoking cigars and slower when you're spending the weekend at your in-laws.

Shape Me Up
Three days later the bike was still sitting in the garage…Maybe losing weight while I sleep is more my style.

Lesson of the Day
That's when you put your ball next to your opponent's and drove them into poison ivy. A good day of New Hampshire croquet often meant brief hospitalization for one or more players.


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