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We are, in fact, a bit slanted in our presentation of the news: our mission is to cull the facts for what's important as we age, and to go well beyond the sensationalistic headlines to explore what current events and actions actually mean for us.

Shop for Medical Care
Health care prices are high in America because the federal government doesn’t stop them like other countries do.

Americans Overseas
The romantic notion of moving to a foreign country sometimes conflicts with tax issues, political instability, and public services.

Cell Phone Tax
Using wireless phones for additional purposes may be getting easier, but paying the taxes is not.

Long-Term Care Options
Most families don’t plan for long-term care because the need comes unexpectedly and costs are significant.


We sound off. Join in the conversation about what's right or wrong about the world we live in.

Medicine Wars
Traditional medicine says I'll die if I stop taking my statin drug. Alternative medicine says I'm dying because I'm taking my statin drug.

I Love Women, But…
For the first time, women will be allowed to serve in the infantry and commando units. There has been a great deal of debate raising issues such as…

Onslaught of Advertising
My spirits are lifted when people dressed up as a cow, a hot dog, or Uncle Sam enthusiastically wave to me as I drive by.

British Keep Coming
There’s some consolation in knowing that both 007 and Prince Harry got caught with their pants down while in Vegas.


We've rounded up the best of the best in current thinking and practice, complementary and alternative possibilities, and poignant personal experiences in dealing with life and health and living each day to its fullest.

Eliminating Drug Copays
The cost of health care is a hot potato that won’t go away anytime soon. We could all use some good news, and maybe… just maybe there is some.

Shitake Protects You from Cancer
These mushrooms have been used for centuries, and have a safe history of healing that goes back thousands of years.

Eat Your Way in or out of Stress
Certain food and beverages can actually add extra stress to our temple.

Sprucing Up Your Memory
Nurture your brain with the right diet and these other wholesome habits.


Our stable of knowledgeable, experienced writers, often working through their own personal financial decisions, share their wealth of advice, tips, background – and even humor to help us all handle our money better.

Stop Credit Thieves
A credit freeze is probably the most affordable way to limit the ability of thieves to get at your money.

Dollar Sense
Learn about the five biggest insurance mistakes to avoid and tips for saving $$.

Penalties for Older Smokers
Did you know that next January 1, you could start paying $5,100 on top of your present health insurance payments because you smoke?

Legal Ease
Wise Plan to Purchase Life Insurance Against Estate Tax Liability?


Travel along with people who've been there, done that, and at their age enjoyed it immensely – and want you to share the experience, the views, the local flavors and customs and best things to see and do.

The adrenaline rush caused by a charging mountain gorilla in the wild will forever live in my memory, and maybe nightmares.

San Diego
If hearing “Anchors Aweigh” stirs your soul, a trip back to the port may offer you a trip down memory lane as well as some new adventures.

Roanoke, Virginia
Museums, restaurants, art galleries and recreational opportunities all combine to make Roanoke an enjoyable getaway.

New Hot Destination
Years of isolation have made Myanmar one of the few countries that has not been tainted by foreign commercialism.

Advice &

From people who know, we offer you these pearls of wisdom.

Did You Say...Food Stamps for Pets?
Yes, now there are food stamps for pet food. Before you roll your eyes you should know, this is not taxpayer funded.

Quotation Quotient
What’s Your QQ?

Making Money Music
Selling, or walking, is vital to being a successful investor/gambler, and probably the most crucial element of anyone’s money management plan.

Legal Ease
Dividing Up Estate Assets – Some Easy Steps, Some Complicated Ones.


Whether you're reflecting on your own image, your life's experiences, your best or worst memories, or the world around you, this far-reaching section will take you on hundreds of fascinating journeys into our writers' thoughts and viewpoints.

Dancing Through Pain
“I do not have gray hair!” She reexamined and recanted. “You’re right,” she stammered. It’s blonde.”

I can be the grandmother I want to be, not following an artificial role that the generation before me created.

Imagination and Faith
Instead of worrying and creating things we don’t want, use our minds positively to create a life we do want.

I Am an Umbrella
You may consider the collapsible umbrella a fairly modern invention but records show them in China in 21 A.D.


Love it? Hate it? Barely tolerate it? For those of us who grew up when almost nothing but a flashlight required a battery, and only Dick Tracy had a two-way wristwatch radio, we've suddenly had to accept that technology rules our world today.

Ask Mr. Modem
What Causes >>> Marks in Email?

Ask Mr. Modem
iPhone/iPad Printing

Ask Mr. Modem
How Do I Clean my Smartphone Screen and Other Burning Questions

Ask Mr. Modem
Change Gmail Default Font and a Host of Other Hot Tips


Come join our trip down nostalgia's lane to the good old, bad old, or supremely indifferent days of our lives.

Rough Beginnings
My wedding day was wonderful, except for the sweltering heat with no air conditioning, a veil that burnt up and my panic attack. The honeymoon was still to come.

Big Bad Dog
“Pssst! Don’t forget the German Police Dog behind the living room couch. He’ll come out and bite you if you are bad.”

Jack Klugman and Me
If I meet Jack Klugman again in the great beyond, I will say “Aren’t you glad up here in heaven there’s no stinky horse manure?”

Faded Telegrams
Each souvenir from my engagement is tangible proof of a persona and this event. Who, today, would press a fax between pages of a special scrapbook?


OK, want to get beyond the usual, corny, stereotypical aging jokes? Our writers will take you by the funny bone to lots more interesting, LOL (laughing out loud) places. Enjoy!

Doggone Loveable Dog
If visiting Martians happened to be watching, they undoubtedly perceived the royally serviced dog to be the superior being.

Be Still My Cluttering Heart
My chaos grew since last January, the niggling side of my brain is screaming, "KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.”

One into Sixty
Here are some of the things I’ve come to know and believe and still wonder about at 60.

The next time someone asks you if you'd like your eyebrows "touched up a bit," pause before you answer. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.


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