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Are you tired of "senior" sites that have the same old articles every time you visit? Or "advertorials" designed to get you to respond to an online advertiser?


Worse yet, sites that post articles slathered with “key words” throughout the copy in order to trick Google into directing unwitting cyber travelers to their URL for no good reason.


Welcome to We are not that kind of girl. Nor are we techies trying to “capture the senior market.” We are the senior market. Hello! We’ve already got us.


This is not a site about seniors. It is a site by seniors (a moniker I reject by the way, just hoping Google picks it up - ha!) and it is about the world. We are in our 60s, 70s, 80s…even 90s. (If you are 100, even better.) Yes, hear us roar. We still have opinions, attitudes, wants, needs, dreams and desires. We are interested in what is happening in the world. We are particularly interested in how it is affecting us, our families, and our friends.


Meet our writers. No two people are alike, yet there is so much to share. We have opinions, insight, experience, and expertise. We enjoy a good read, a great meal, time with friends and family, and an adventure now and then. We want to make the most of the years that are left to us. We want to give back to a world that has given us much.


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We have recently added some interactive features to the site. You may now email any article on the site to a friend by clicking on the email link at the top of the article. And, you may now also rate each article that you read.


Give the SEARCH box a whirl. “Broccoli” currently brings up 11 references. “Diabetes” brings up 44. “Age discrimination” gets 11.


RESOURCES (on the Home Page) offers links to a wide variety of useful information from Advocacy to Education, Genealogy, Health, Money, Travel, Volunteering and more. If you need a good old-fashioned belly laugh, don’t miss (Entertainment) Church Ladies with Typewriters and Breakfast at Ginger’s.


Soon to come – a COMMENTS section that will allow you to communicate directly with the author of each article as well as post your own thoughts.


Stay tuned…


Bob Moses
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