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July 2013
Passport Perspectives

Top Ten Questions and Answers on Medical Tourism

Some stateside insurance plans are now offering an overseas medical tourism option as a way to save the provider money, and they will cover the cost of travel and the medical procedure. Many hospitals overseas advertise that they accept insurance from your home country.

Compulsive Traveler

Sri Lanka - ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’

Get to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage at 9 a.m. to be there for feeding time. You can almost feel their excitement as the elephants are led to the river for what amounts to play time.


June 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

Cheese, Truffles and History: Treasure Hunting in Piemonte

It's virtually impossible to leave Piemonte without gaining an appreciation of the importance of food and wine in the lives of its people, as well as a few extra pounds. Cheese and truffles - especially white truffles - hold a place of honor on many a dining table, and in the local culture and cuisine.

Compulsive Traveler

Ten Places Not to Miss in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh transformed itself from a dirty industrial city to a clean, green happening place noted for its excellent universities, renowned hospitals and great things to see and do. It has been named one of America ’s most livable cities.

May 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

A Peek at Life Along the Amazon

Souza pointed out what resembled a tree branch, until two beady eyes identified it as a snake and it slithered off. I marveled at the sight of the largest, most magnificent butterflies I've ever seen. And we came upon several of 40 species of iguana found in Amazonia.

April 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

In Search of the Great Gorillas

Then came gorilla etiquette. Stay at least 25 feet away from the animals to protect both them and us. Because those gentle giants share more than 95% of human DNA, they're susceptible to our diseases, so stifle any coughs or sneezes. And because they're wild animals, we had to be kept safe from them.


San Diego: Leave the Port and Head over the Hills for Desert Adventure

We took a California Overland off-road excursion in an open-air military truck to experience the desert. Our guide pointed out where Patton’s army trained before heading to Africa. The tour bounced us along rough roads, dry lake beds and into the Badlands, wind caves, slot canyons and more. Jeep tours are also available.

Health, Wellness & the Good Life

Roanoke, Virginia: Star City of the Blue Ridge

Originally a station for transferring freight between trains and trucks, the museum today has exhibits of transportation by road, rail, and aviation. Displays include an antique auto collection with the oldest dating back to 1904, a four-tier O-gauge model train layout depicting the region, and even a model circus.

Compulsive Traveler

Myanmar: The New Hot Destination

Years of isolation have made Myanmar one of the few countries that has not been tainted by foreign commercialism. Add that to the fact that the people are friendly, the country is safe, and the sites are glorious. Myanmar is a great destination.

March 2013

Why Vietnam?

Sidewalks in Vietnam are used for cooking, restaurants, skinning frogs, motorbikes, motorbike parking, weddings, funerals, public markets, fish markets, automobile body work, recycling American bomb parts, manufacturing fish sauce, and trash disposal – any activity, in fact, except walking.

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