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December 2014
Compulsive Traveler

Ten Things to Do in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The park is the hub of all the activity in the historical zone. It is centered by a statue of Christopher Columbus. Interestingly Columbus’s back is to the Cathedral and he faces the Hard Rock Café –  two faces of the city.

November 2014
Compulsive Traveler

10 Great Things to Do in Seoul, South Korea

The 20-minute ceremony is reenacted several times a day with the beating of the giant drums and guards in full regalia. It is a rare chance to get a glimpse into a traditional event. Every effort has been exerted to keep the ceremony authentic.

October 2014
Compulsive Traveler

Haunted Historical New York State

Vortexes and ley lines are places where there are special energy forces. Some say the vortex portal at Thompson Park has sent people into time warps. The park is a Frederick Law Olmstead-designed park so it is special in its own right.

September 2014
Dollar Sense

Fall Vacations and Upcoming Holiday Trips: Keep Your Money Safe

Thieves know, travelers are not expecting a pickpocket among that crowd of friendly faces. So while vacationers are busy taking selfies on their SmartPhones in front of the Washington Monument, they don’t expect the guy sitting nearby enjoying the view, to be a thief. He may appear to be answering email on his phone or laptop, when he is actually operating a handheld device which peels the passwords and account numbers right off of the credit and bank cards in your wallet.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Cave Boy from Missouri

In 1941, he found a cave and artifacts left behind by Jesse James and his gang of outlaws. Dill was thrilled and used the discovery as a publicity gimmick that would cause him to build the Jesse James Wax Museum.  He also uncovered additional miles of caverns and ancient passages that added to the lure of Meramec Caverns.

Compulsive Traveler

Unique One-topic Museums

The story of Jell-O points out the importance of marketing. Well-trained salesmen, in "spanking rigs, drawn by beautiful horses” introduced Jell-O to homemakers at fairs, country gatherings, and church socials as a way to make dessert preparation easier. It became "America's Most Famous Dessert."

August 2014

Potpourri: Travel Smarter this Vacation Season

Thieves often select victims in the lobby, and then casually follow them to their rooms. If a suspicious person gets on the elevator with you and then gets off at your floor, stay on the elevator and go back to the lobby and ask for an escort to your room.

The Tenacious Traveler

Charlottesville, Virgina – Mother of Presidents

Part college town, part living history museum, Charlottesville adds life and color to important chapters of the nation’s past. The small city is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by rugged Appalachian Range peaks and pastoral landscapes.

Compulsive Traveler

Ten Not-to-miss Places to Visit in Lincoln, Nebraska

In the Haymarket District visit Licorice International featuring “everything licorice.” The American Museum of Speed with historic competition vehicles on display and an amazing collection of automobilia. The International Quilt Museum has one of the world’s largest collections with more than 4,000 quilts.

July 2014

Potpourri: Tips to Help You Travel Smart and Safe this Summer

You could also purchase a tracking device which goes in your bag, deactivates in the air, reactivates on the ground and sends you a message telling you where it is. No kidding. Go to to find out more about this small electronic device.

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