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Travel Logs July 2015

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Fascinating Places to Visit in Arizona

By Sandra Scott

Arizona is dotted with many unique sites including Monument Valley, Four Corners, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, Lake Powell, Hoover Dam and more.

Arizona is known worldwide as the home of the Grand Canyon, one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. It is one of the deepest gorges on earth attracting visitors from all over the world. The Grand Canyon may be the biggest tourist draw in Arizona but to only visit the Canyon would be to miss the other great places in the sunny state.

  1. Phoenix: The state capital is known for its big-league sporting events but there is more. Stop by the “Jewel of the Desert,” The Biltmore Resort and Spa, the only existing hotel in the world with a Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design. Do not miss the Heard Museum to learn about one of Arizona’s greatest artistic treasures, the Katchina dolls. Katchina dolls were spirit dolls fashioned by the Hopi Indians.
  2. Flagstaff: The mile-high city is a mountain town located on the famed Route 66 and surrounded by the world’s largest ponderosa pine forest. It is a multi-season destination with plenty to do. Wander around Heritage Square and historic downtown, step into the past at the Arizona’s Pioneer Museum or look beyond at the Lowell Observatory where they discovered Pluto in 1930.
  3. Arcosanti: North of Phoenix visit an experimental town developed by architect Paolo Soleri based on the concept of arcology which tries to improve urban conditions while minimizing the destructive impact on the natural surroundings. There are various mixed-use buildings many housing working artists including Soleri Windbell studios.
  4. Tucson: The area is favored by golfers and vacationers looking for a sunny winter getaway. During the winter it is possible to ski on Mt. Lemmon, the southernmost ski resort in the United States, and return to the city to bask around a pool. Explore the Presidio Historic District. There is a vibrant art and dining scene.
  5. Tombstone: Grab your cowboy hat and head to Tombstone, the “Town too Tough to Die.” The historic, rough and tumble cowboy town has a main street lined with old saloons, candy shops and gift stores. Ride a stage coach through town, see a reenactment of the famed gunfight at OK Corral and visit Boot Hill. Plenty of family fun.
  6. Bisbee: Bisbee, southeast of Tucson, is home of the historic Copper Queen Mine. The once-flourishing city has a preserved turn-of-the century downtown and is home to artist studios, antiques shops and ghosts. Don your hard hat and yellow slicker and take a tour 1500 feet into the Copper Queen Mine.
  7. Sedona: Sedona is nestled in an area of red sandstone buttes surrounded by nearly two million acres of national forest noted for hiking and biking. It is an artist community best known for its natural geomagnetic points called “vortexes” which are said to facilitate healing and spirituality. There are many wellness centers and psychics.
  8. Jerome: Not far from Sedona up a road of hairpin turns is the funky old ghost town of Jerome. It was once called “The Wickedest Town in the West” back in the day when copper mining was king and the streets were lined with brothels and saloons. Today, it is known as an artist’s haven with many art galleries and haunted locations.
  9. Prescott: Prescott is cool in more ways than one. At 5300 feet, the weather is wonderful and the city is home to many Victorian homes and classic saloons. Visit Whiskey Row, where the gunslingers drank and fought. It is home to the world’s oldest annual rodeo.
  10. And more: Arizona is dotted with many unique sites including Monument Valley, Four Corners, the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert, Lake Powell, Hoover Dam and more. Drive about and discover Arizona on your own.


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