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May 2017

The Looking Glass Syndrome

Hurray for the freedom of maturity, the freedom of retirement, the freedom from the dictates of consumerism aimed at the young while still looking quite put together.

Just Sayin’

A Journey to Forever

My children gave me the bold courage to try anything. They gave me energy when I thought I was depleted. They gave me laughter when my cheeks were drenched in tears. They gave me hope when all I had left was a prayer. They gave me friendship and companionship when I felt alone. They gave me honor as a human being.

Just Sayin’

These Old Hands

Perhaps beauty is in the permanent wrinkles around the mouths of people who have laughed through life and brought joy to others. Perhaps it is in the stooped woman who once carried the burden of raising her family alone. Perhaps it is in the arthritic football player who once thrilled crowds.


The Boots that Came to the Saratoga WarHorse Program

“I didn’t know what shoes to wear today,” he said. “So I thought maybe I should wear these – my combat boots. These boots have never been laced up on U.S. soil before. They’ve known nothing but war and pain and just such awful things."

Tunnel Visions

Remembering Mrs. Binkleman: The Lasting, Glorious, Indelible Impact of a Great Teacher

The senior English teacher, Mrs. Binkleman ruled with a firm hand but the soul of a poet. If there ever were a stereotype of an old-fashioned, traditional teacher – she was. She gave deadlines and enforced them. Set high standards and achieved them. Appeared to have no existence outside the schoolroom.

Health, Wellness & the Good Life

The Mourner at Arlington

Today, nearly 70 years later, there is an Arlington Lady at every Air Force funeral — whether for an active duty troop, veteran or retiree. She’s there in snow and heat and wind and rain.

April 2017
Sam's Side

A Night in Motel Hell

As it happens, the place was a dump. The room was painted a sickly Pepto Bismol pink. There were holes in the drywall. Three mismatched chairs circled a lopsided table. And the bathroom sported off-matching tile and plain concrete. Holes in the door were either of the peep or bullet variety, neither one very reassuring.

Just Sayin’

Beauty in the Bunko Babes

This group consisted of ladies who are mostly retired, between the ages of 60 and 80, but still have a sparkle in their eyes and a gleam in their hearts. They live comfortably, they have worked hard, and they have experienced a myriad of tragedies and joys. They are the culmination of life.

Leslie Goes Boom

Annoyances Keep Piling On

I recently joined a new gym. In order to join, I had to sign a two-year contract I can’t cancel, but they can and will increase my monthly membership fee after the first year. Doesn’t a contract mean that both parties are locked into something for a period of time? Heavens, no. It means that I, and I alone, am locked into a contract for a period of time.


Listening Without Bats

The bats were brown furry metaphors, of course. But for what? Outside distractions? Random intrusions? Or perhaps they represented our own personal perceptions or fears or past experiences or imagined dangers – all those things that can come flitting out unexpectedly from our private places of darkness.

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