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April 2012
Age-Full Living

An Easier Approach to Change

Some changes get knocked off the list (i.e., tried it, didn't work, try something else). Bottom line, I never beat myself up over the things that don't work. I just focus on what DID work for me, and move forward with keeping change active in my life.

Age-Full Living

Assess and Refresh Your Life!

If you didn't have to care for it, or pay for it, or carry it around, or service it, or spend time doing it, would you have more freedom and time to do and be what you really want right now?

Life Now

Waiting for the First Snowfall

Each change in climate provides a rhythm and if we attune to this rhythm, we can experience a fullness of life. There is beauty in spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter how long each season lasts.

Life Now

Life's Playground

Experiencing laughter is not a thought process which, by concentrating, becomes stronger. It is an action.

Moving On

Peripheral Paraphernalia

This week has been extremely testy. I went out all by myself and bought a new printer, uncrated it and connected everything according to four pages of instructions in four languages. I looked at all of the pictures before discovering my native tongue.

Inside Out and Round About

Pals from the Past

An old friend at your side is like a battery jump-start to a life. Everything is working again, and the headlights are on and the future looks bright once more.

Inside Out and Round About

Boredom Be Gone

When we were kids, stuff like kick the can, hide and seek, marbles, and riding a bike as fast as you could were automatic distractions. Not any more. Other possible and doable passions must take their place.

The Expiration Date

I Hear Voices

Information wins out over intuition. Distraction leads to fragmentation and disconnection and no matter how many friends I have on Facebook, they are still ghosts in the machine and I still get lonely.


Move, It's an Old Guy!

She yelled, "Move, it's an old guy." Wondering who they were referring to, I looked from side to side and in my rearview mirror and there was no other vehicle or person in sight.


Who Decides Who Is Old?

The elixirs of youth are abundant and the industry makes its purveyors billions each year (as in $50 billion annually). The risk of some of those "elixirs of youth" also have the potential to indeed stop aging, but not in the way seekers long for. Remember, dying also stops the aging process!

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