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March 2018
Sam's Side

A Major League Dream

 Now in most families, the person delivering that news would have led with the bus-smashed-into-the-family-car headline. But not in my household, and certainly not at the start of the baseball season. Baseball is always the lead story.


The Change of Seasons

I can’t help but correlate Nature’s way with the seasons with the progression of life, especially as I get older.


My Spirit Dolls

My Raggedy Andy doll represented and honored my childhood...He was there when I was punished, and cared when my own small heart would break; he believed in my dreams, and understood when he was left behind. My new Native American spirit doll has much the same qualities – lovingly made, a celebration of imperfection, a mix of purpose and joy.

Tunnel Visions

April Is the Cruelest Month, But It Brings Lilacs

A secret house, a retreat, a place to hide, where the scent of the lilacs surrounded me, captured me, entranced me. There I would host parties for my dolls and build creations from twigs, stones and scraps of this and that.

February 2018
Sam's Side

A Puppy Love Story

There was never any doubt that Jennifer and I would someday be married. Rarely was one of our names mentioned without the other close behind. It was destiny, kismet, or sheer chance.

Sam's Side

Stop the Roller Coaster, I Want to Get On

During my teen years and young adulthood, the thrill of the amusement park never left me. Fortunately, my girlfriend who would later become my wife also enjoyed this obsession. After we were married and before our son was born, we would travel at least twice a year to Disneyland and feel ourselves transformed back to our childhood when it was all so new.

Alive and Kidding

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

My thoughts suddenly drifted back to over 50 years ago…and my first kiss. Prior to the big event, I had read and memorized every article about kissing I could find in every teen magazine on the market. Back then, the hot topic in those magazines was whether or not a girl should allow a boy to kiss her on the first date.

Just Sayin’

Mama and Her Chocolate Box of Valentines

I am in awe of those that marry and stay together until they depart this earth. They are held together like the old glue that was used on those cards. They forge memories and their lives become intertwined into one.

Leslie Goes Boom

Boomers Are Booming

People over 50 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. The Small Business Administration research shows that 2% of millennials are self-employed versus 8.3% for boomers. So boomers are actually driving the entrepreneurial boom.

The Expiration Date

The Search for Magic, Miracles, and Meaning

When I had lost all of my data, photos, and memories when my computers crashed before, it was like starting over and being forced to let go of the past and the details I deemed so important. Gone were the selfies, the precious links, the bookmarks, and the videos, not to mention a lot of my work. Oh, how attached we become.

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