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March 2017

Friendship Launched Through Words

In writing and sharing these stories, a phenomenal thing occurred. We discovered all the shared values we have as Americans and as women. Recurring themes emerged about the anguish of love, loss and pain, as well as the joy and successes of parenting, overcoming challenges and finding true love.

Just Sayin’

The Writing Place

Above the coffee cups on my desk are an array of photos with mismatched frames. There is one of my granddaughter playing in the sand when she was two, my three children as babies and teenagers, my nephew Alex as a college man, and my grandmother playing Chinese checkers.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

The Wearing of the Green

It was drilled into us kids to wear something green and proudly pin a shamrock to our clothing. Dad would have a fit if he saw one of us leaving the house in an orange blouse, shirt, or sweater. One day of the year, orange was absolutely a forbidden color, for it was a reminder of the old troubles between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.


Three Leaves of the Shamrock

The older I get, the more Irish I seem to become. Of all my labels and identities, I treasure my Irish heritage.

One More Story...

A Child’s War Story

What my father did not mention was how they escaped. He and two other prisoners ripped out electrical wire from the barracks wall and used it to subdue guards. On the run, they connected with the French underground, who took them in, hiding them in a root cellar.

February 2017
As I Recall...

Party Line News

Anytime a phone rang on the party line, nearly everyone picked up their receiver and listened in. Thus, news with varying degrees of importance and reliability was disseminated throughout the community. You could learn who called for an ambulance or police during the night or whose barn burned.

Leslie Goes Boom

Using Intuition and Facing Fear

As I look back at my younger self and compare it to my older self, I found that there are two major things in my life that seem to have guided me in the right direction: One is following my intuition. The other is walking through fear.


The Bat and the Blind Dog

I trusted his calls would bring others of his kind to his assistance. Bats do that. Watch out for each other. Help the injured and ill among them. Protect their babies and orphans and elderly.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

Lick the Metal Pole at Your Own Risk

As she approached, I wasn’t sure if I should drop the pails and let the water freeze my feet while I tried to pry my tongue loose or just wait to be killed by Mom’s favorite cow. My heart was beating like it wanted to escape from my chest. I said every prayer I could remember and asked God to forgive me for eating all the black licorice and blaming it on my sister.

Tunnel Visions

At Tax Time, Thoughts about Time: The Time Is Ripe Because Time Is Money, But Is Time Really on My Side?

My sister-in-law once told me I was the most organized person she knew. In a burst of insight, I realized the flaw in her statement. I’m the most disorganized person, but I’m so threatened by chaos, I frantically try to control it through creating order.

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